I Want to Hold Your Hand

DSN9118-2-MMy 18 month old grand-daughter and I were walking around a local mall. She was holding my hand as we walked down the halls and rode the escalators. We were having a great time as she would often see something, point and then move in that direction. Once we started on the escalators it became the fun activity.

As we went up and down, and walked along, her attention would often be captured and she would head in a new direction. I would hold tightly and try to figure out the new interest. Often times it would be in a direction from which I would have to guide her away… like her propensity of turning around to enter an escalator we had just exited. The sights and smells of Cinnabon were also intriguing to her. She was led to many bright shiny objects along our stroll.

She held my hand, but if I tried to lead her in a direction away from her interests she would struggle to get away. I would not let go. There were times when the struggle would get intense enough I would just pick her up and carry her away.

It made me think… Sin happens when inclination meets opportunity.

So I pray, “Lead me not into temptation (opportunity) but deliver me from evil (my inclinations).” I also pray, “Hold my hand so tight I cannot let go – carry me when necessary.”

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