Idea Starters

Leadership must be established from the top down.”
Sam Nunn

Leadership comes from the heart first and foremost. It must be recognized, but not from the top down. If it is from the top down the danger is that the top only recognizes its own leadership – that is much too dangerous. CSW

“I think our leadership team is a highly accountable leadership team.”
Steve Ballmer

Leadership must always carry with it an attitude of willingness to be held accountable. CSW

“The Dalai Lama. He is a very wise man of great inner peace who believes that happiness is the purpose of our lives. Through his teachings and leadership, he continues to make this world a better place in which to live.”
Sidney Sheldon

Leadership is always concerned with improvements. CSW

“The things journalists should pay attention to are the issues the political leadership agrees on, rather than to their supposed antagonisms.”
Michael Pollan

Journalists, for the most part, are interested in making stories, not in the truth; or even the issues, but rather making issues. CSW

“Education is the mother of leadership.”
Wendell Willkie

And, like a mother, education is always there and indispensable. CSW



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2 Responses to “Idea Starters”

  1. stoshdwalsh

    Would be interested to learn more about what you mean by “from the heart.” I agree that from the top is both dangerous and, frankly, a little ridiculous. As I’ve written recently, though, I think that “leading from within” and synonyms of it is a myth. We don’t bestow leadership on ourselves–our followers grant it to us.

  2. cwagganer

    By “from the heart” I mean it is value driven. I agree that leadership only comes through those that follow. But to be followed out of respect and trust means that the leader is delivering from a concerned heart and shared values, not out of position or authority. Positional or authoritive leadership may be followed, but only until another opportunity arises.


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