Idea Starters

“A team will always appreciate a great individual if he’s willing to sacrifice for the group.”

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Ego can destroy teams. CSW

“A collection of strong-minded individuals who have learned how to dismiss mistakes, disappointments and problems in their personal life make up a strong team. If the majority of the team have that then, as a unit, you are almost impossible to beat.”

Gary Neville

Focus is on the future of the team, not on the past failure of the individuals. CSW

“The team with the best players wins.”

Jack Welch

Note that ‘players’ is plural. It’s not the team with the best player, but players. True teams are synergistic and the group effort is greater than individual contributions. CSW

“The team is completely closed. Anything you say outside, there is no chance it will go inside. So the team is really strong and compact. We know what we want and how to achieve it on the pitch.”

Jose Mourinho

The ‘team’ relationship has to be a priority of each member. CSW

“As his team prepares, a coach’s entire being must be concentrated on winning games.”

Bobby Knight

Focus on what needs to be done; strategize to make each player’s desire to perform to his highest capabilities, and make sacrificial effort for the benefit of the team. CSW

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