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“Clearly you need a new team to go out to bat on your behalf; to fight for your rights and to report back to you personally and to the leadership…”

Mangosuthu Buthelezi

Team responsibility is the protection and encouragement of its members and leaders. CSW


“I’ve always been one of the youngest guys on the team. But now I’m one of the older guys, one of the more experienced guys, and I have to be more of a leader. The guys are looking up to me, asking me questions and looking at me to step up.”

Freddy Adu

Team means commitment. As a person grows as a team member they develop leadership maturity. CSW


If you can provide the funding and you get the leadership, you’ll have a competitive team.”

T. Boone Pickens

Team funding is more than money, it’s the creation of support and backing. It’s creating a solid foundation. CSW


“I’m a Cubs fan. As a kid, the Cubs were my team.”

Vince Vaughn

Often, commitment to a team is just that – commitment. Through all distractions and competitions, to remain loyal and dedicated to the commitment. CSW


“I hope somebody falls in love with me – other than my fiancée. But that’s what you want. As a player you want a team that really wants you; head coach, GM, owner, everybody that really wants you in their place and the players believe in you. I’m looking forward to making somebody fall in love with me.”

Robert Griffin III

The essence of the team is dedication to its members. Each member needs to have the devotion of the other members; and to receive that same devotion. to be a team is to believe in each other, support and encourage; that brings value to each team member and the whole team. CSW

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