I’m Back….

I suspended blogging a little over a year ago. There were several reasons, but I’ve decided to come back and begin again.

Over the next several weeks I’ll be blogging concerning team building.

Important subject? Definitely –  it’s all about relationships. And that’s life, relationships.

We’ll be looking at it from a corporate perspective, but the principles will apply across borders. Are you married? You’re team building. Are you in a family? You’re team building. Do you work or go to school? You’re team building. Are you involved in a faith community? You’re team building. Do you have relationships? With Anybody? You’re team building.

So here’s the warning… I’m going to begin blogging again next week. I’ll be posting to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. And as soon as I learn Instagram I’ll be posting pictures from events I’ve done.

I asked for your help, in liking, following, friending, etc. and especially in sharing.

Thanks so much,


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Written by Craig Wagganer

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