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DSN9118-2-MEveryone knows Moses and the powerful leadership he exemplified. Even people with little acquaintance with the Bible know his story. But have you ever thought about the power of influence that was evident around him?

We know Moses mom, Jochebed, put him in a basket and set him in the Nile River. We also know that his sister, Miriam, stood watch waiting to see what would happen. Pharaoh’s daughter came along and we know the rest of the story… or do we?

While we know and wonder at the leadership shown by Moses, we may have overlooked just how powerfully influential some others in the story might have been.

Moses was the right person for the job of leading the Israelites out of Egypt. Having been raised in the Pharaoh’s household he would have been accustomed to that culture. But by being raised by his mother he was also educated in the ways of the people of Israel and their history. He spent 40 years wandering in the wilderness of Sinai herding sheep so he was well-suited to make the trek leading his people. When you look at his life you can see God preparing him for his unique calling and task.

But how important Jochebed and Miriam are. There is a little verse in I Chronicles 4 (verse 17) that informs us that one of the people ‘exodusing’ from Egypt was none other than Pharaoh’s daughter Bithia. She married an Israelite and had a child named (get this) Miriam! Of course it is only speculation, but the influence of the Godly woman Jochebed, and her daughter, Miriam, was so strong that even Pharaoh’s daughter understood their light, chose to leave her position, married a Hebrew slave and named a child according to her influencers.

By the way, Bithia is not listed among the lineage of Christ. But she married into the tribe of Judah, so she is probably a great-aunt or something.

Jochebed is barely mentioned in the Moses story and Biblical record. But there is little doubt that her influence will be celebrated in the coming Kingdom.

Please be aware how powerful your influence can be. Let your light so shine before men…

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