Inside Out

DSN9164-2-MI was talking with a young man and he was telling me all the things he could do as far as computers and computer technology was concerned. As a person who is electronically impaired I was quite impressed with his virtuosity. He talked of things I am barely even able to understand.

After leaving the conversation I thought about what he could do, but I also thought about what he knew. His knowledge of computers is so vast it enables him to use that knowledge in practical applications.

Often times we appreciate people for what they can do. We place a value on them because of the doing of things according to their talent. But the doing of the thing is just a small part of the person’s value. Great leaders understand that it isn’t just the doing, but it’s the knowing that is valuable.

Knowledge always brings with it the potential of greater discoveries and the doing of it.

Great leaders acknowledge the importance of the contribution, but they also know the value of an individual is the knowledge they have. For the knowledge is greater than the activity. The more the knowledge is appreciated the more likely it will turn into significant action.

Great leaders cultivate what’s inside.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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