Leadership By The Clip.

DSN9158-2-LThe story is long with some hilarious moments and some touching, but I’ll cut to the point.

I walked into a small town barbershop located on a corner of the historic town square. Several people were in the shop, a couple kids getting haircuts, and several men talking; first about hard work, and then eating.

After finishing a teenager’s haircut the barber looked at me and said, “Take a seat.” I then asked my big city question, “Do you take credit?”

I had looked around and the only cash registers were great looking antiques. I didn’t see anything that resembled a credit card machine. Not seeing anything that looked remotely high-tech is what prompted my question.

The barber acknowledged my suspicions by answering, “Do see anything around here that looks like we’ve joined the computer age?”

I apologized saying that I didn’t have enough cash, but would be back another time. At that point the barber dealing with me, another barber working on a young boy, and a man sitting in a chair all insisted I take a seat and let them cut my hair. I declined and walked toward the door, but there was no getting out. These were the nicest, and maybe most insistent people I had met in quite a while. I took my seat and received a very fine haircut.

After the cut I took out my wallet to pay what I could and they would not take a penny. I was welcomed to come back, only if I wanted, but it wasn’t necessary. At one point the barber said, “Wear it for a few days, if you like you can come back and pay, if not, don’t worry about it.”

It was a joy to have the experience. So much so that when I returned to make payment my wife took the money in so she could meet the people of this fine establishment. I’m not sure when I’ll be in Mountain Grove, MO, again. But if I know I’ll be close I’ll let my hair grow and get it cut there again (and be ready with cash).

That was pure and great leadership; to care more about rendering the service than the money involved.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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