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DSN9164-2-MI saw a great T-shirt recently. It simply stated, “Which way did they go? I must follow them, I’m their leader!” What a great leadership attitude! Leaders are team players. Their success is a team accomplishment, not an individual reward. Great leaders share their hearts, passions, and desires with their team. They see themselves as winners, as part of a team and able to achieve personal success based on what their team accomplishes. They are examples of real leadership in action.

The person wearing the T-shirt and some viewing it, may only see the humor. But it carries a great lesson. Leaders don’t lead in a void and they never succeed in a vacuum. Too many leaders are undermined by their (glorified) attitudes about their own personal achievement, instead of recognizing their team’s accomplishments. They jeopardize their leadership by not sharing the credit and recognizing the efforts and contributions of others.

Every leader needs to recognize the people who have gone before and paved the way for them. Leaders owe a debt of gratitude to those who are supporting them and working with them. They also need to recognize those who will take the torch and carry on.

A great leader is always behind their team.

Points to Ponder –
Do I see myself as part of the team or as the leader of the team?

How do you react to the phrase, “Leaders are team players and their success is a team accomplishment, not an individual reward”?

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