Leadership Earned

DSN9118-2-MHe had been the president of the company for less than three months. It was his first presentation to the entire company. He began by telling about his first mistake after coming to the position. It was not a huge or costly mistake, but it was a funny story and was quite humbling to him. His humor being in the form of self-deprecation, showed his willingness to be open, honest and vulnerable.

The people seeing, meeting, and hearing him for the first time found him endearing and relatable. As I witnessed the event I was impressed. As I looked around and observed the situation I could see others were impressed as well.

By the end of the presentation this new leader had demonstrated that he was their leader, he had reassured them that he would lead well; not by anything he said, but by being genuine, relaxed and humble. After the initial story, he apologized for that mistake and then told what he hoped to happen and how he would try to lead the company. It was about him trying to take responsibility and being held accountable for their growth.

He was humorous, but asked nothing of the people gathered. He only asked that if they were willing they could join him. He would appreciate their help and would be extremely grateful.

The reception of his message was thunderous applause and ovation. He stood at the platform nearly unable to speak; overcome with emotion. He was in the position of leadership, but more than that, he had now earned it.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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