Leadership Or leader?

DSN9118-2-MLeadership is never about the leader.

Bold statement but give it a think…

I was listening to some leadership seminars and they seemed to have a common theme – how important leaders are. I was, at first, uneasy with this. But the dissatisfaction grew. As I wrestled I couldn’t quite put my finger on where my ill feelings were coming from. After a while, and the speakers’ repetitions, I came to a realization. Leadership is important, but the leader?

I have seen it over and over again. Leaders who lead by their example. Their cause or purpose is the issue. They’re never about being in front or in charge; it’s always about the duty, the purpose, the cause.

Yesterday I was at a restaurant enjoying lunch with a friend. It was not particularly busy and so the employees were busy doing a lot of other things, as well as attending to the cliental. One person was the manager but, by observation, it wasn’t clear who it was. No distinguishing uniform or nametag.  They were all going about the business of the restaurant with no observable hierarchy.

This went on until a problem arose. When a dissatisfied customer began complaining it became clear who was in charge. The manager (leader) appropriately stepped in; took charge and responsibility. They handled the situation and the problem was solved. Everyone was happy and all went back to their duties. It was clear that this manager was about leadership, not just being the leader.

When leadership trumps the leader then the purpose is served.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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