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DSN9164-2-MInteresting movie, “Tea with Mussolini”. Two characters are an interesting study. Elsa is a rich Jewish – American socialite, with an entertainment background; outgoing and flamboyant. Lady Hester is the widow of an English Ambassador, acquaintance of Mussolini, and very proper and reserved.

Elsa is carefree and generous, while Lady Hester is concerned with appearances and being dignified. Elsa is let go and live and Lady Hester is formal. Elsa is forgiving, Lady Hester is brooding. Both women exude influence upon those around them and are very much in leadership positions; not by rank or position, but by influence. But Elsa is concerned about helping and doing what is right while Lady Hester is bitter and manipulative by her gossip and backbiting; there isn’t a question of right or wrong, according to Lady Hester, other than what is proper and “English”.

Throughout the movie, Elsa’s ability to influence increases, while Lady Hester loses hers.

Great leaders do so by their drive of character and compassion, not manipulation or coercion. Influence will increase for the one and diminish for the other.

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