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DSN9118-2-MThe event was nearing the end. It had been high energy and fast-paced. The over 120 participants had thoroughly enjoyed the experience and had taken part whole-heartedly. More than 20 bikes had been given to area children from the Boys and Girls Club and everyone was feeling great.

The only order of business left was a few closing words by the CEO.

I was nervous. The event had gone as well as possible but I knew that a misplaced or misworded closing comment could be disastrous.

I introduced the CEO and there was a thunderous applause. The man was sincerely loved and respected. His comments were priceless. He talked about his love for the company, his love for the people and his love for the day’s experience. He laughed, he danced, he cried. All in about two minutes.

From the experience of the program I knew this was a great company. But when the leader shared I knew at least part of the reason, a big part.

He was transparent. It was clear that the people knew him, and also clear he knew the people. He was not a far off decision-maker that was aloof from the rest of the company. He wasn’t a ‘boss’ sitting in his office making judgments and decisions based on bottom line considerations; but he was a member of the team.

A valued member who valued members.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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