“8 Keys to Progressive Leadership Significance”

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LeadershipEverything rises and falls on leadership. Train your people in leadership skills that will aid their personal development, but also make them better equipped to help others achieve success in leadership as well.

Leadership training is a monumental investment in your organization’s future. Many times when a person does a good job they are promoted and eventually wind up in leadership positions with experience as their only teacher. They have learned leadership from watching others and their experience. They may have learned good or bad, innovative or reactionary, servant or service, but most of the time it is a random eclectic mixture that may be good or bad.

We use “EDUTRAINMENT” to bring your people the very best in leadership skills and development. By combing your organization’s specific needs, with the best in educational techniques, hands-on, participative, practical training, all in a fun and entertaining environment, we offer you the best of all situations in your leadership training offerings.

Speak Easy

Whether in the short format or the full two day experience, the contents of this experience will help any person deliver better presentations. The newcomer and seasoned pro will both benefit from the information, activities and strategies to help overcome fear, build confidence and incorporate a plan for continuous improvement in communication and presentation skills. This program will help overcome fear, build confidence and devise a plan for continuous improvement. These strategies will last a life time.

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(1/2 to 2 days):
The Phrase “public speaking” is enough to strike fear into the hearts of most adults. But over and over again the ability to present is shown to be a vital part of career considerations, development and enhancement. The skill of public speaking is much in demand and those who can bravely face the task and do so with confidence, poise and content have a great advantage over those who sweat their way through it and consider it a victory to have lived. The great news is that public speaking is a skill that can be learned and each individual has the tools necessary to excel. Here is an interactive seminar that helps people get a handle on their fear, overcome it and then proceed to build great presentations that are comfortable for them, informative for their audience and enjoyable for all.In 1935, Harper and Brothers published a little book by Richard C. Borden entitled, “Public Speaking- As Listeners Like it.” This small but valuable book is the spark that became the basis for this valuable experience. Drawn from lessons gleaned from the book, personal experience and research comes an opportunity to learn how to dispel the fear, enhance the content, add entertainment to presentations and wow any audience.One of the great byproducts of this event is that by being exposed to the content each individual not only learns what it takes to become a great comfortable public speaker, they also learn ingredients to help them become an overall better communicator.Covered in this fantastic event are…

  • The causes and solutions to speaking anxiety
  • Gaining instant rapport and making connections with your audience
  • A surefire way to prepare presentations
  • Being convincing by using your personal powers of persuasion
  • The importance of being yourself, not imitating another
  • Becoming the presenter others request

This interactive program leads people though individual personal discovery; gives them tools and practice that leads them on a road of becoming very comfortable and successful in their public communications skills.

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Using Your Personality for the Team

This workshop will benefit the individual and the teams they’re involved in by exploring current understandings of personality and temperament styles. DISC, Meyers-Briggs, birth order and personal preference style are all addresses with some funny but very practical outcomes.  Participate and learn your personality style and how you benefit your team.

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(3 to 4 hours):
Since the time Hippocrates introduced the world to his theory of personalities much has been discovered, speculated and revealed about the subject. We now have many measurement tools at our availability which go from a very brief explanation to a very detailed accounting. There is the DISC method, the very popular Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, The Taylor Johnson approach, and many others.The point of each is to help people understand their basic personality, or temperament, and how that influences their behavior. The age old question, “why do people do what they do?” is answered in this timely, informational and active time. By understanding this basic information the individual is better prepared to understand themselves, be to aware of the influences of their behavior and how to better use their particular strengths to their benefit. It also helps them understand areas where they may have weaknesses and how to minimize the effect of those in any given situation.The discoveries throughout the seminar are…

  • Basic Personality Theory
  • Understanding who you are; self awareness
  • Understanding Your Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Avoiding the traps and pitfalls of temperament and personality assessment
  • Putting personality to work for the benefit of the team

Although in a class room setting, this seminar is not a sit and listen event. The time is divided into sections and each section has a time of application and practice. This is a highly informative motivational experience that guarantees lasting improvements within the individual participants and their teams.

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Vital Leadership

What is Leadership; how can you define it; why is it easy to recognize, but difficult to really understand? Here is training that answers those questions as well as explores the practicality of leadership. Vital Leadership interacts with the experience of the participants while introducing them to practical leadership skills that will enhance their ability to act responsibility, improve communication, understand their own motivation, recognize their strengths and weaknesses, as well as learn to build other around them. Leadership training is an investment in the future of individuals and organizations.

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(1/2 day to 2 days):
In Recent years the economy and business in general has gone from the highest highs to the lowest lows. We have witness first hand the importance of leadership. We recognize when it fails, we also witness when it is good. The problem is for many people leadership is a learned activity that was never intentional, but rather simply the result of experiences. Take a look at the shelves in any bookstore, or browse the results of an Amazon search on leadership and you will find the resources and options are endless. Some back their material with research; others add the name “academy” or “institute” to try to add credibility. How can you know what material to trust?The material for this interactive practical experience is gleaned from research done by several organizations, material provided through ASTD (American Society for Training and Development), and from the reading of over a hundred books and many periodical articles. The result is a pragmatic look at leadership and the skills that would be described as best practices. This course is not designed to be the end of leadership training, but is to set a course for continued develop within the participants.This extremely beneficial time covers…

  • 10 Core Leadership Competencies
  • Personal Values and Mission
  • Resiliency and flexibility
  • Self-Awareness, Integration and Working with Others
  • Understanding and Capitalizing on Strengths
  • Understanding and Minimizing Weaknesses
  • Being Coachable and being the Coach
  • Handling Conflict Constructively
  • Interpersonal and Relationship Skills
  • Trust
  • Vision, change and Transition
  • Project and Risk Management
  • Much, Much More…

Leadership training is a needed investment for most companies. It cannot be left to chance. Leadership should never be a power struggle or left to the choice of those who are in power. Too much is at risk in any organization for the leadership model to be left to chance or individual choice. This interactive, practical training brings individuals to a greater understanding of the importance of leadership, and leads them in a discovery their personal value and growth in leadership development.

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Customized Leadership Training

Have a particular Leadership Training Need? Contact us and we’ll work with you to put together a program customized to your exact specifications. You decide the needs and/or areas you want addressed and we will work together to assemble materials that goes exceeds your expectations both in content and delivery. Contact us for your leadership training needs.