Little Lamps, Shining Lights

DSN9118-2-MHow dangerous it must be to know the future. What if I knew everything that was going to happen to me, for example, for the next ten years? The reason I say it would be dangerous is because of recent thinking. What if ten years ago I had known all that would come to pass in my life over those past ten years? Moving from Minnesota to Atlanta to St. Louis… the birth of three grandchildren… the death of both my parents and one of Shirley’s… the disappointments and dreams of different jobs and responsibilities… the gains and the losses… to think about all the details is overwhelming. If I had known in advance it would have been debilitating; too much information.

Psalm 119 says that God’s words lead us like a lamp illuminating out feet; a light that reveals the path. At the time of the writing they didn’t have the flashlights we have now that can almost light up the moon. The light the Psalmist is talking about only shed light a short distance.

I know God has informed us about the future Kingdom of God as our ultimate hope, but other than that I think God guides us step by step. Faith is moving forward; trusting every step into the Master’s hand. It isn’t a grand knowledge that provides insight into future events, other than to trust him every step as we get there.

My danger is looking too far forward, to where the light hasn’t shined yet, and the darkness scares me. I need to look where the light shines, be confident, and move forward. My feet must be in the path where the light is shining, and my hand must be holding the one who guides; my heart trusting the one who loves and knows, and has seen the next ten years. He’ll reveal what I need to know, see, and do.

Proverbs 16:9 – “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.”

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