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DSN9118-2-MI met a friend at a local Bread Co. We visited for an hour or so and as I was leaving I purchased a loaf of honey wheat bread. I had it sliced in their wide slice machine and took it home. So far I’ve used it for French toast as well as regular toast and for a sandwich. It is really good; I have really enjoyed it.

In the Bible book of John, in the sixth chapter, Jesus refers to himself as the bread of life. He does so at least 5 times depending on the version you choose. I could certainly run analogies too far and into the ground. But one of the things I like about bread (and I love bread) is that it is versatile.

French toast, regular toast, sandwiches, with gravy, or butter; to push the last tiny bite of food left on the plate onto the fork… I was surprised at one point in my life that some people didn’t know that if you butter a piece of bread and the wrap it around a freshly steamed ear of corn, rotate it a little, you not only have a melted butter bread, but a perfectly buttered ear of corn.

Bread is great – it is so versatile. Jesus, is the bread of life. Whatever my need or situation; Jesus is versatile, he can handle me. I am grateful for bread; I’m eternally thankful for the bread of life.

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