Longing for the Day

DSN9118-2-MThere’s a scene in the movie “Evan Almighty” where the lead character is shown a panorama of the subdivision he lives in, but just after it had been created. Beautiful hills and valleys are displayed in their original form with a scenic beauty far beyond the present crowded landscape of houses, streets and concrete.

I stopped by the cemetery where my brother, mother and father are all buried. Rolling hills, plenty of trees, green grass disturbed only by rows of varying types of granite markers. I tried to picture it without the markers; as it was before it had been designated as a burial site.

Then I realized that one day it won’t be a cemetery. Trying to visualize the scene before the markers were added made me think – imagining it without the markers was looking into the future. Someday the graves will be empty, the old will be replaced with new. 2nd Peter says all this will melt away and God will replace it with something new.

I wonder if in that Kingdom I will walk among this place, with some who are currently buried there, and we’ll discuss the victory achieved. The granite obelisks with names and dates will be replaced with smiling faces and songs of praise.

I can’t wait.

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