Looking Forward to a Birthday

DSN9118-2-MAnother birthday, just another day.

My mind wanders to all those who never made it this far. A sister, a brother, a grand-father, several cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, relatives, friends of friends… Too long a list.

There is a day coming when it will be not another day; but the day. A trumpet will sound, a voice will be heard and a new birthday will begin, the birthday. In Christ, people who are alive will be reborn, changed, completed; perfected. In Christ, those who are dead will be reborn from the womb of their graves, changed, completed; perfected. We’ll never celebrate birthdays after that, for the praise of that day will never cease.

I’m longing for that birthday. To see those whom I have known well, those I would like to have known better, and those I never had a chance to enjoy. Please, I’m begging you – be there.

The gospel of Jesus is the gospel of the coming Kingdom. That birthday can’t come soon enough.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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