Memorial Stones

DSN9118-2-MShirley and I were looking at some flowers blooming in our little garden. The irises and a couple things I don’t know the names of were quite lovely. As we looked I saw a little craft project we did with the grandkids last summer.

We took some concrete, mixed it up and put it in a little square mold. Then we added different color stones to it; let is set up and, “Viola!”

Each of the kids made one and one we brought home. We set it in our little flower patch and each time we enjoy the beauty we are reminded of a great time with our fantastic grandchildren.

It reminded me of the importance of history, remembering and memorials. When we were in Israel we noticed that, while driving through the desert, we would see a few larger stones piled up on each other; a stack of three, four or five. At the cemeteries there would be graves with the same type of thing, or a single stone placed on top of the marker.

When we asked our guide about these strange occurrences he told us that each of these markers were placed there as a memorial and marker to say that something significant happened there. It gave us a new appreciation for these little testimonies as we recognized them the rest of the trip. The little craft project that adorns our garden gives us a little pause each time we see it, reminding us of a special moment back in 2013. It is a wonderful thing.

In the Bible book of Joshua, in chapter four, the Israelites are told to place memorial stones regarding their crossing of the Jordan into the Promised Land; verse six tells the reason why.

We need to incorporate this type of thing into our lives. We may forget to pass on lessons we learn, but if there are reminders we place to let people know, then they can ask, we’ll remember, the story told; the lesson passed on.

Maybe I should get a tattoo, or an ear pierced; or show more joy, love, peace… What’s your story if people ask, “why?”

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