Model Lessons

DSN9118-2-MAs a child I enjoyed building models, especially cars and airplanes. In the fifth grade I built a beautiful Dodge Deora; metal flake navy blue with cushioned white interior. With dad helping, I took a small piece of wood, painted it blue and pulled apart cotton balls to cover the top of the board. With my brothers help we glued cutoff matchsticks to the corners of the board and attached a piece of string, looking like a rope that would encompass the platform. I carefully placed the car onto the soft cushion of cotton and inside the rope barriers. A work of art.

For this effort I won the model car contest for the fifth grade at my elementary school.

I don’t remember if there was a prize. If there was it is long gone, and forgotten. I have no idea what happened to the car or the display. Lost throughout the years.

I do remember my dad’s and brother’s help with the project. I remember discussing models and doing a good job; taking my time, not hurrying and making sure I got it just right. Patience, that was the hardest part for me.

Leaders model the way. They encompass the values, direction, quality and direction they would have others follow. They aren’t the finished product; that takes the team, but they are the standard, or example of the expectations.

Great leadership is the result of patiently learning, then displaying the content of both character and direction. Great leadership models the way.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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