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DSN9118-2-MToday I do a program at Covenant House for what may be labeled as “at risk youth”. If you are not aware of Covenant House please look them up; they are a fantastic organization and the people here in St. Louis are truly amazing. I am happy and proud to be associated with them.

I’m scared to death. I haven’t worked with teenagers for a long time and my nervousness shows. I’m not trying to hide it; I’m not that strong. Not only have I not worked with teenagers for a long time, but these youth are much different from myself and have grown up in a much different world than mine.

The people at Covenant House have prepared me and assured me I will do fine. I’ve planned a program on peer pressure and self-esteem; although I love the program and believe it very worthwhile, I’m still nervous. I’ve worked hard; have activities to reinforce the points; and think it will be a lot of fun and make an impact; I’m still nervous.

So here is the “thing”. I’ve prayed over this every step of the way. My partner at Covenant House has been praying. I’ve asked others to pray. My wife reminds me that “I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.”

So why am I nervous? I’ve spoken to thousands of people in many different settings. Why should a dozen high schoolers scare me? God is with me and I am being led by the Holy Spirit in this. What is my problem?

I wonder if on the day I meet Jesus if he’ll call me by name, or refer to me as “ye of little faith”.

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