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DSN9118-2-MI read a story this week that reminded me of an incident concerning a friend from several years ago.

He was pastoring a church in Ohio that was undergoing some major renovations. These updates included adding some much-needed bathroom space and new sidewalks. There was quite a discussion with local authorities on the additional septic system and how it was to be constructed, and all the regulations and permits that would be necessary. Also various soil samples would have to be submitted with additional studies on drainage and ground quality surrounding the area.

It was a very lengthy process in which plans were submitted, not accepted; resubmitted and not accepted; redesigned and not approved; completely revamped and then, finally, approval was given so the site could be developed. Stern warning was given that once the site was prepared it would have to be approved and at that point further revisions would probably be necessary.

The site was prepared, all the necessary studies and reports files. The proper permits displayed and time came for an inspector to come out and approve the site. It had been such a lengthy, drawn-out, detailed process the church people were very concerned about what the on-site visual inspection might reveal and what additional changes would need to be made.

On the day of the inspection several people waited nervously for the inspector. There were still various projects going on with the addition, but this was crucial to be able to proceed. Tensions were high and tempers were on edge when the inspector finally arrived and exited his vehicle.

He walked toward the gathered men. He looked over the site, bent down at to look at the elevation from several angles. He said very little besides introducing himself and stating he was in a hurry. He took some notes, signed a paper, told them they had done a great job and could continue to finish the system; they had their approval.

He returned to his vehicle and was off quickly, presumably to his next inspection.

The group of Church members now had another dilemma: The site that was given final approval for a new septic system was actually the forms for a new sidewalk, about 100 yards from location of the septic system.

Too often I am not sure how God is working and I question things from my own limited perspective. Too often I look at things and think I am seeing correctly and interpreting rightly; foolishly thinking I know the whole story.  I need to remember Isaiah 55:8-9; God sees from the fully informed perspective. Even when I cannot see the hand of God I can trust His heart. I’m praying for a heart of wisdom.

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