Nicknamed By Jesus

DSN9118-2-MTwice this week I have heard someone mention Jesus’ family. Both times they mentioned the pressure that his younger siblings must have felt. Imagine having Jesus as an older brother…

But wait, I don’t really have to imagine. Since I have been adopted into his family, he is my older brother. I had one other older brother growing up and we didn’t always get along, but so far Jesus has been perfect. I have disappointed him regularly, I’m afraid, but he always sticks up for me and is on my side. A real advocate. Who could ask for more?


I also got to thinking about my biological brother when we were was kids. He had a lot of different nicknames for me, some were his own; others were given by the family or neighbors. Colonel, Tornado Tom, Red, Carrot Top, the menace; now that I give it a think the names he called me were not suitable for printing. That, or I just don’t want them to be known.


I wonder if Jesus has any nicknames for me, his little brother. The only one that comes to mind is “O ye of little faith.”


I need to do something about that.


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  1. David Graham

    Hi, spot on… Oh the names we had for each other.

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