Non Profits

ChurchesLeadersBridge is committed to helping every organization benefit from the best professional experiences. We will work with non-profit groups to reduce costs and make every activity as affordable as possible. We receive donations and offer services that will help defray the cost for qualifying groups that desire professional training in leadership, team building, or through a keynote address.


I am available as a guest speaker for individual services as well as for a special speakers series. Give me a subject or text and I will deliver a message (or series of messages) that will be both entertaining and challenging. Having been a pastor for 16 years and several years as a church consultant on a denominational level, I have the experience and understanding to supply what you are looking for and what you are needing.

I also have a 4 hour workshop entitled, “Adding New Life to the Church”. This special opportunity gleans meaningful material from “The Purpose Driven Church” by Rick Warren, Natural Church Developments, and from other church growth resources and refines them into a practical approach to Church growth that will help churches evalutate their current situation and chart a course for significant spiritual and numerical growth.

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