Observing the Communication Speed Limit

DSN9158-2-LI overheard a conversation between business owners that sounded dangerous. As they began the usual question came up… “How ya been?” The response was typical, but it served as a warning for me.

“Oh, I’ve been busy, really busy; seems like I’m always traveling twice the speed of sound…”

Seems like being busy has become a standard for our society. It’s almost a status symbol of some type to be busy, really busy. If you’re not busy then somethings wrong.

But if you’re traveling faster than the speed of sound, you can’t be listening. Everyone will give lip service concerning how important communication is, but practicing it in the real world seems to be lost. We’re too busy to listen; we just want to be heard and move on.

Assumptions are killing relationships, business as well as personal. When I talk I assume you think it’s important enough to listen to; and when you talk I assume I catch enough to understand what you’re saying.

Great leaders slow down, never traveling faster than the speed of effective communication. They listen so as to make sure the other person knows they have been understood. They also talk so as to remove any confusion about what is being communicated.

Be sensitive to the communication speed Limit. Don’t be too busy.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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