One More Thing

DSN9118-2-M2 Corinthians 8 tells the story of some people who were extremely generous. Paul, relating the story, tells how they went beyond what was expected of them. A couple words struck my curiosity, “expected, but…” In this case the reference is to people who did what was expected, but also went beyond that and did more; they exceeded expectations.

I suppose the words could be used negatively, “they did what was expected, but grudgingly.” Or some other rendering of people who do what is expected, but that’s all; or perhaps with attitude or behavior that detracts from the expectation.

Jesus died, was buried and resurrected for us. If no other thing was done, that alone should exceed our expectations. But He gives us blessing upon blessing after that… to enumerate would be impossible and even to give examples – words fail to explain the wonder I feel.

Exceeding expectations, going the extra mile, to give above and beyond, even wash feet; that’s the example to live by.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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