Over Looking Miracles

DSN9118-2-MI came across a business card under some papers on my desk. I picked it up and began to wonder when I had received it, and how long had it been hiding unobserved on my desk? I read over it carefully and could not remember receiving it or the circumstances that brought it into my possession.

But I had come across it at the right time. It had to do with web development and things that I needed to consider for my LeadersBridge business. I called the number on the card and now have partnered to improve my situation.

The little business card, hiding among other things. The other things larger, seemingly more important; the card overlooked, almost missed, nearly thoughtlessly discarded and certainly disregarded for quite some time.

It seems it works that way. Life; God’s hand. That which may seem insignificant at a time becomes an important miracle of growth and development, of grace, hope, joy and love.

At the birth of Christ many things were going on. Herod was going crazy, Rome was over lording Israel, the census had disrupted life and a sedentary lifestyle was turned to travelling around the country. So many major things, who would ever think to look at a young pregnant woman, or a stable, a feeding trough; or that something significant would happen in insignificant Bethlehem.

All the big things happening, but centuries later we celebrate what appeared to be little at the time as one of the most significant occurrences in history. A baby born that changed the world; my world.

Micah 5:2 prophesies that little Bethlehem, so small and insignificant that it’s too small to be considered part of Judah, will be the instrument of something big.

May the Spirit of God not let the business of this time of the year, or anytime of the year, keep us from experiencing the small miracles around us.

The Christmas carolers may seem unimportant, but sing with them. Little children may impose on our time, hold them. Responsibilities may seem crowding, hold hands, hug; kiss. Strangers may be passersby, bring them close; embrace them. Don’t look away, make eye contact smile; love. Don’t look for major entrances of God, but be sensitive to the little miracles that bring big revelations.

Look for Bethlehem, it has a glowing manger and a shining star, you won’t miss it if you’re looking.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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