Part of the Gift is Responsibility

I remember a special Christmas when I received a BB gun. I hadn’t had it very long before I shot a window in grandma’s house. It was a back porch window and only made a little hole. Grandma wasn’t too bothered by it but my dad… I was banished to the woods for any other displays of marksmanship. 

Not too far from a creek I found some old bottles and practiced shooting them. I was steadily improving when our dog, Prince, went to investigate my prowess a little closer. He cut his foot rather badly on a chard from a bottle I had hit. This time my dad was afraid to tell my mother and I was banished a little deeper into the woods. 

Okay, glass is no longer a target. But a passing bird caught my attention. The little fellow lit a little closer than advisable and I made a shot Davy Crockett would have been proud of. The bird dropped like a lead weight and I was smiling with glee and busting at the seams. My favorite aunt, Jean, happened to be traveling to grandma’s and I stopped her on the road to display my bagged game. I knew she would be so delighted and proud, probably take me to town for some Dairy Queen ice cream – well, I’ve never seen her mad before or since. She said it was terrible, as well as illegal (it being the state bird), to shoot a bluebird. I promised her a lesson learned and neither mom, dad nor grandma had to know. 

So you may think this is about Red Ryder BB guns, putting an eye out, or acting responsibly. Sort of, it is about getting what you want, but not handling it responsibly. We celebrate Christmas as the birth of the Savior, and rightly so. But it comes with great responsibility. We have gotten not only what we wanted, but it is also the only thing we really needed. 

Maybe over the celebrations I should give this a think- to celebrate Christmas is to take responsibility to live a life that measures up to the standard of having a savior. The gift of Christmas is the possibility of salvation, and grace is the condition we live under in which we receive it. 

I hope to have the best Christmas ever and maybe someone around me can have their best Christmas ever because of something I do or say. Maybe you can make this true for you and someone around you, too!

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