Pass? Stay?

DSN9118-2-MI came across a phrase while reading in the Bible book of Joshua. The phrase was, “it came to pass.” It stuck out in my mind because it seemed very familiar, but also new. I guess the reason is that in the King James Bible I grew up with it was a recurring phrase, but in the English Standard Version it only appears twice (as far as I can tell.)

I got to thinking about that phrase. It seems like that is good way to look at things. Certain situations arise, circumstances can be difficult, problems arise; but it will come to pass. In fact, if we look back over our lives we see that all our problems came to pass. Think about that working for a moment, there’s a couple different meanings, altogether true…

In reality all things come to pass; good or bad, they pass. We know that every problem and every sorrow; every negative thing will come to pass. But we also realize that almost every good thing will also come to pass.

The apostle Paul writes that three thing remain… faith, hope and love. But faith will come to pass. When Jesus returns we will see him face to face, we will know as we are known, our knowledge will be made complete, our faith replaced by sight. Faith will come to pass.

Hope will come to pass. When Jesus returns that which we hope for, long for with groanings too deep for words; that hope will pass away. Where we once hoped, longed for the Kingdom of God we will have the experience and reality of being there.

As I thought about it there were only few things that didn’t, or don’t come to pass. Love is here to stay. The most powerful force in the world will only increase with the return of Christ.

I wonder about you and me, others, are we coming to pass or coming to stay?

The Kingdom of God will not come to pass, it will come to stay.
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