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DSN9118-2-MOur refrigerator has a water purifier built in. It’s amazing how much cleaner the water that goes through the purifier is. A long time ago we brought a purifier that was attached to a 2 quart pitcher. The first time we used it we were speechless. The water seemed to be clearer, even brighter than the tap water. At that point we lived on a farm and the water was from a well; there was a big different. But now we are on ‘city’ water, but the difference by the purifier is still noticeable.

Now I am not saying this because I’m on a clean water rave, but Philippians 4:8 says to think on things that are pure. When I think of ‘pure’ I think of crystal clear water. So when I am advised to think about pure things I think of things that are free from any pollutants; things that have no contaminants. Like pure water refreshes and is good for the body, pure thoughts refresh and are good for the spirit. Just like pure water that is so incredibly clear, pure thoughts are undefiled.

This is pretty hard in our culture. We are bombarded by impurities. They are unavoidable. We do well to recognize them and even better to run from them not giving them a chance to take a foothold within or thoughts. So hard… no wonder the Philippians author is so concerned.

Eliphaz asks a great question in Job 4:17, “Can a man be pure before his maker?” Psalm 119:9 seems to help us in our quest… “How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to your word.”

I need to constantly keep up my guard against impurities. And God’s Word is the filter I must know and use to make sure my mind is stayed on pure things.

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