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DSN9118-2-MWhenever we’re together with the grandkids it seems it always comes up, who do they look like. Usually the conversation has each one looking like somebody when they make a certain expression and another when a different expressing is made. Then we’ll get onto activities; who do they act like.

So in appearance it may depend on the expression, and with activities it may depend on good or bad. Usually it starts as a reflection on the parents, then grandparents, then… There are some definite genealogical traits. We can trace them back on each side of the families.

Sometimes when we go through pictures we see dominant traits that seem to show up every generation. Other times we see generations old pictures and notice something in the grandkids that we didn’t see before. Often times we’ll hear and tell stories about ancestors and then realize the same attitudes or expressions are still being carried on. Even very small unconscious activities can remind us of generations past.

When all the talk is over, the comparisons made, the similarities discussed; the point is finally made – each one is a unique individual even though there may be connections in image and attitude.

Jesus once said to render to Caesar that which has his image and to God that which has His image. In the beginning God made man in His image. My traits both physical and otherwise may reveal part of my heritage. But I pray that my real image will reflect the one in whose image I was created, and that people will readily recognize Him in my genealogy.

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