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DSN9118-2-MYesterday I went to spend a little time with my dad. When I arrived he was in the kitchen eating breakfast. He has been more alert and energetic the past week and it has been good to see him in better spirits as well as more active physically. He will be 91 years old in December, so he is doing great considering.

We sat and talked for a few moments and then I asked if he would like to go for a ride; maybe drive through Lone Elk Park, a nice drive through park that has elk, deer, buffalo and other critters. To my surprise he said yes, it sounded like fun. Usually when given an opportunity to get out of the house he will complain of a knee hurting, being too tired, or some other excuse to stay at home in his recliner.

Yesterday he said yes. He got dressed, put on a light jacket and we headed out. It was a nice drive. We saw quite a few elk, but they were all laying down and so we didn’t get a good look at them. They appeared more like rocks than animals.

The buffalo were so far away that you really couldn’t tell what they were. If we hadn’t been in the park we probably wouldn’t have even recognized them.

We spotted several deer, a couple close enough to count the points on their antlers and a couple does.

It was nice to see the wildlife and the beautiful scenery. It was even better to get dad out and spend time seeing the sights. Dad grew up in the country and always loved being in the woods. Recently that just hasn’t been a reality for him. The best part for me was watching him out of the corner of my eye as he looked around and seemed to drink it all in.

I am so glad that I wasn’t so busy yesterday. I’m glad my dad and I had that time together. It seems everyone talks about how relationships are the most important thing, but then we let other things take our precious time.

Gotta go, I have some important phone calls and appointments to make, maybe you do, too.

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