Responsible Vulnerability

DSN9118-2-M“I was wrong. That’s it, plain and simple. There’s no reason to look for further explanations, or try to find reasons. I make no excuses. I was wrong, others have suffered. I am deeply sorry. I apologize. I will accept my punishment without hesitation or argument. But as a team, let’s move on, correct what we can and overcome the rest; learn and grow and become better. My promise to you is I will.”

What a drastic and mind-blowing confrontation to witness.

I was in a particularly interesting vantage point. I heard the confession but knew more facts than the other observers. This person was not solely responsible, nor was the mistake his more than others. The confession made the situation sound much more grim than it was. In fact, it was not a major problem or mistake. But the potential for its growth into a major concern was there.

This leader saw the potential for deeper problems to arise; for speculation and gossip to take the small ember and fan it into a major fire. By taking responsibility and turning the team toward solution and progress he dowsed the probability of a flame and turned it into a demonstration of leadership, a learning opportunity; and a positive solution to the problem situation.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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