DSN9118-2-MFor some time I have believed that sin happens when opportunity meets inclination. Opportunity is those times when we a placed in a situation where temptation calls us; seeks to seduce us. We all have inclinations to sin; that is temptations that haunt us; follow us; present themselves to us.

If I have the opportunity for sin, but don’t have inclinations toward that opportunity, then I can resist. If I have the inclination toward a sin (and we all do) the best I can do is avoid any opportunity for my inclinations to take over. Sin happens when opportunity meets inclination, remove one or the other and we can have victory

In praying the Lord’s Prayer we say, “Don’t lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil.” Jesus taught us to pray that we would not come to situations where we would be tempted; keep us away from opportunities to sin. And he taught us to pray that we would be delivered from our bent toward sinning; our inclinations.

Joseph in the Bible book of Genesis is faced by a temptation from one the most powerful woman in Egypt. His choice was to run. A very wise example from the Old Testament concerning when opportunity meets inclination… RUN!

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