Running Too Long In One Place

DSN9118-2-MI’m going to try something new. Little words but they can cause great fear if we’re honest. We tend to do what’s comfortable. I guess that’s why is called comfortable. The problem is what’s comfortable doesn’t always work; maybe it did once, but no longer. But it’s comfortable so we continue and in a moment of challenge we decide to stretch ourselves… usually by doing what’s comfortable at a faster pace, or with more emotion or passion. But it is still comfortable, or at least reasonably so.

I remember hearing a man tell of his baseball days. He was a good player and was a strong hitter. Problem was he would hit the cover off the ball, but only make it to first base. Finally a coach told him, “John, you can really hit the ball, the problem is you run too long in one place.”

It reminded me of the Road Runner/Coyote cartoons. The coyote would start to chase the bird and he would wind up his legs and then the circular motion on the cartoon would indicate his legs going at a fast and furious pace; it appeared his legs were going long before he went anywhere.

Great leaders can initiate change, they can get the motion started. Someone has to be able to evaluate the activities and make sure they are accomplishing. We cannot afford to hold on to activities and  processes that fail to work. We need to evaluate and initiate change when we see that what is being done has lost its effectiveness and is simply continued because it is comfortable.

Business is moving faster than ever. Innovation is the call to action. Change is the one constant. Great leaders cannot risk running too long in one place.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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