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DSN9118-2-MYesterday my brother-in-law and I shopped for, and bought my mother-in-law a new TV. Why are there so many choices? We only went to one store but the choices were overwhelming. She wanted a flat screen, well, that’s all they make now. She had a 28 inch screen and she wanted something a little larger. A 40 inch was fine, but what about a 32 inch model?

After looking we decided 40 inch would be best and still fit nicely on her small entertainment center. After looking at several, we came across some 39 inch versions. Really? 39 inch and 40 inch screens, by the same manufacturers? It was, at first, laughable how many choices at just this one store and then how many stores sell TVs?

After installing the TV and getting it all set up I drove home. Along the way I became very sad. Going into a consumer electronics store just to buy a TV can be overwhelming. I didn’t grow up with this stuff but still become ensnared in the trappings. How will future generations be that grow up with a sense of entitlement to all the gadgets, and enslaved to have the biggest, the best, the latest…

Today is the Fourth of July. We’ll enjoy outdoor games, cookouts, swimming pools, water guns, family and friends and cap it off with fireworks. TVs will be abandoned in their place; replaced by fun activities and visiting. Maybe we should celebrate more days; every day.

Philippians 4:8 says we should think about excellent things. I just don’t think TVs makes the cut.

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