Seed Power

DSN9118-2-MWe stopped by to see the grandchildren last night. Almost 10 years old, just turned 7 years old and 2 ½ years old. Amazing to see the differences, but also amazing to see the growth in each one. Each starting as little babies and the changes each time interval makes; whether it’s a few days, a month or a year, change happens readily; quickly, and without permission. I recognized, or realized that the changes are the product of potential and power.

Several times in the New Testament Jesus refers to faith like a mustard seed. I had always interpreted that to mean faith as small as a mustard seed, but I see it differently now. When Jesus refers to faith like a mustard seed he isn’t referring to size but to power. Although the mustard seed is small it will move soil and rocks and whatever is in its way to grow into a large seed bearing plant. The bush being much like a tree, able to provide shade for people and nesting for birds.

It is a wonderful thing to observe the growth of children. It is inspiring and brings joy and happiness. From such a tiny beginning comes great things, and so much potential and opportunity awaits them. When I think of my own children, starting as infants and now wonderful examples of growth, potential, productivity and social contributors and Christ followers. Something so small, but it wasn’t there size, it was their power to become; to make a difference.

It makes a lot more sense that to move mountains your faith needs to be as powerful as a mustard seed, not the size of one. When we look at a mustard seed we shouldn’t be amazed at its size, but rather in awe of it power. My prayer is that when people look at me they aren’t seeing the size of my faith, but are encourage, even challenged by the power.

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