Seeking the Right Influence

DSN9118-2-MI saw part of a PBS special on Johnny Carson. I have to be honest, I was never a big fan. Of course I have seen “The Tonight Show” with Johnny many, many times, but it was never a real favorite. He did a lot of funny stuff and I enjoyed a lot of it. I have enjoyed watching his highlight programs. But, besides not being a late night person, I just didn’t care for the show that much.

But it has been interesting hearing all the talk even years since his passing. I have found it very interesting all the people who have expressed how much influence he had on them, or how his approval catapulted their career. Especially the comedians. So many have said that if he gave them the “thumbs up” or called them over to his desk, you knew you had made it. Of course, that made me wonder about those who didn’t get the okay sign, and those who were never called over to his desk. I would like to see an interview with someone who “made it” but didn’t do well on Johnny’s show. Oh well, that’s a different matter.

So, the power of influence. What was it that made Johnny so powerful? Why was his endorsement so strong? I guess to answer that you have to know all the underpinnings and the “ins and outs” of the entertainment industry.

I think back… Who were and are the people whose influence and power I need, or crave?  It would have to be the ones who have aided me in the quest of seeking the Kingdom of God. Family, friends, people I respect and admire… People who have influenced my spirituality and education – people like Mark Ryan, Rex Shaw, Richard Lee, Michael Hale, David Demmitt, Brent Roam… Next (or maybe at the same time) friends that have been so close and important over the years – Andy Cisneros, Michael Montgomery, Wade Tierney, Michael Hoffman, Charlie Williams… I could make quite a list.

Who really is important? What really is important? And why?

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