Self-Leadership Displayed

DSN9158-2-LWe had stopped by the grocery store. As we shopped we found ourselves behind two women on a mission.

They had taken a box from the church they attend with the instructions to buy certain items, place them in the box and return the box full of groceries to their church. The collected boxes would be distributed to provide a holiday dinner for families in need.

The two women felt they were doing a good deed to help others less fortunate, and they were. But they also demonstrated some things as important as giving.

First, they did it. They took the initiative to help. They weren’t obligated or forced into the situation, they made a choice and followed through. Great leaders do things that need to be done. They take action when action is needed.

Second, they didn’t announce or draw attention to their good deed. They went about their business and I only found out because I asked about their shopping list when I noticed it printed out on stationary. The two women were shopping together; each putting in their cart the same as the other as they read the needs off the list. But there were no signs or notices on the boxes. They didn’t draw attention to themselves or the cause they were fulfilling. Great leaders do what needs to be done and do not draw attention to themselves.

Third, they sacrificed for the need of others. They spent their own money to buy the grocery items that would be given away. Great leaders make sacrifices. They give selflessly for the sake of the team and those following.

Fourth, they set a great example. Every part of their actions were exemplary for others to follow. The great thing is they didn’t give it any thought. They didn’t say, “We’ll do this in this way and accomplish at least four remarkable things.” They chose a good deed to perform and the results were the display of their personal leadership. Anyone who observed and recognized their efforts could not have helped but be impressed.

Poor leaders often display poor self-leadership without knowing it; but great leaders display great self-leadership, not even being aware they are doing so. They simply recognize the right thing to do and do it in the right way.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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