Story Telling

DSN9158-2-LAt the beginning of the event I was to be introduced by the person I had worked with to set up the program. I had worked with her before and she knew my history and how the program worked. Usually introductions are brief and I get right into the activities.

But in this case the friend began by telling her experience with the event I had done previously. After sharing how the event had impacted her she explained why. In doing so I learned things she hadn’t shared with me, or this audience before. She had had some problems with the company and several individuals. This was causing stress and friction and she was really concerned for herself and her job. The team training I provided helped her overcome some problems, face some fears and address some issues.

I wasn’t really prepared for that type of introduction, but I realized how important it was for her to share her experience; her growth.

She taught me something about authentic leaders. They risk vulnerability. They’re open about their foibles and fears; misgivings and failures. They recognize the source of growth and share it openly and honestly. They tell their story.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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