Striking Leadership

DSN9158-2-LI love baseball. It has been my greatest passion as long as I can remember. Last week I sat at a Cardinal game, looking at the packed stadium and wondering about the magic I felt.

40,000 people, most cheering the home team. Each watching as if they had something personal at stake in the game. As I too often do, I began to think, “What’s wrong with this picture?” But I quickly righted myself and began to think about the joy of baseball, and this particular setting.

Sitting with a large group of others; cheering the victories, jeering the defeats; you become a part of the team. There is the shared goal of a victory; the support of individual pursuits as they pertain to the common vision. Each player contributing; each fan encouraging, supporting; one team, players and fans.

Great leaders inspire a shared vision. Personal achievements are important, but the overall effort toward, and contributions to, the goal is what brings success. Success is measured by team effectiveness and a great leader is the motivational force.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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