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The Basics of Team Building

Definition of a Team  

A team may simply be defined as a group of people who are working together towards a common goal. These people are entitled with different tasks that make a significant contribution towards the achievement of the said goal. Teamwork normally involves the team working interdependently. This means that one person’s task is responsible for the success of the next person’s tasks.  

Teams are normally formed for a variety of reasons. There are some that are set up for short term goals while others are set for something more long term.   

For instance, in an organization, you may find a team formed just to deal with a particular project. However, you may also find other teams in every single department that work together throughout to increase the productivity of their departments.  

Team Building Basics  

The whole idea behind team building is to forge good working relationships between the team members. This ensures that they learn how to work as a team. The team building exercises help the players to successfully learn  how to do this. These exercises can work for any teams, whether at work or even in sports.

Team building serves many more purposes than just helping the team to work together. These exercises also help the teammates to know each other better. This then builds the rapport between them and encourages them to be supportive of one another.  

Team building also helps in developing the skills of each team mate through motivation and support. The exercises also help the members to learn how to communicate with each other. This is a key aspect of any successful team.  

Through team building, the goals and objects of the organization becomes clearer. These are defined and each team member is encouraged to participate in helping achieve them. This also helps in sporting activities; a team gets to learn what they want to achieve and how to get there.  

Team building also has several benefits on individual level. For instance, many people get to grow and develop their skills by being part of a team. When the team entrusts you with a role, you will find yourself trying your best not to disappoint everyone else. This helps in nurturing their abilities and honing the skills.  

Team building has also helped individuals discover themselves. For instance, some people may not know that they can be leaders until they are assigned such roles. Other people find themselves when they got to know others better. For instance, knowing that your colleague is a single mom may make you more tolerant of her absenteeism. You may learn to evoke gentleness and sympathy in yourself.  

In most cases, organizations normally hire a team building consultant to help with the exercises. The consultant takes time to know the team and come up with the right strategies for their situation. This consultant is specifically trained for this. He can look at a team and come up with strategies to improve the performance.  

The consultant normally makes a proposal to the organization, clearly laying out his plan of action. He states the problems with the team and what is recommended for helping solve these problems.   

The organization then makes the decision to hire the consultant or not based on the proposal. Sometimes, the organization may only agree to some of the strategies but not all. The consultant is then faced with the team building task. After the program, he should give the necessary feedback to the organization illustrating just its effectiveness.  

The Types of Teams That Can Participate In Team Building Exercises  

Team building can basically work in any given team. It can work at work, school or even when it comes to sports. One of the most popular types of teams that use these strategies is the departmental teams. These are teams made up of people who do the same kind of work. For instance; you may have a team from the human resources department or even have a team from the I.T. department. This type of team is normally found in work environments.  

There are also management teams. These teams may comprise of managers from various departments. Even as leaders, these people need to learn how to work together for the overall success of the company. Team building also helps the managers to become better leaders to their teams. The skills acquired can be passed down to the team by the leader.  

There can also be team building for mixed or cross-functional groups. These are usually teams that are made up of people from different departments in an organization.   

These departments must have some common ground. For instance, you can have departments that deal with people such as customer care and human resources. Team building will build all the members of the team and enable them to cooperate and be more productive.  

Special projects teams can also use team building exercises. These are teams that may be set up for just short term goals. If they successfully complete the team building program, such teams will be more effective. In addition, the team may be able to complete the project in a shorter time than anticipated. This all comes from learning how to work well with each other.  

Self-directed teams that comprise of people from different fields also use team building exercises. They take the program to help themselves grow as leaders.   

They also use what they have learned to train their individual teams on how to foster the bond that will enable them to work together. Any team that has a common goal can use team building to help them work together much better.  

A good team is one that has learned how to work together to achieve a common goal. This is the essence of teamwork.

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Idea Starters

“I’m undaunted in my quest to amuse myself by constantly changing my hair.”

Hillary Clinton

Wouldn’t it be nice if changing a mind was as easy and changing hair color. CSW


“A vegetarian is a person who won’t eat anything that can have children.”

David Brenner

I’m a vegetarian once remove. Many of the animals I eat were vegetarians. CSW


“A committee is a group that keeps minutes and loses hours.”

Milton Berle

Committees are often appointed by people who can’t find a solution; and they appoint people who didn’t know there was a problem. CSW


“Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public.”

L. Mencken

It’s sad that advertising can take the worthless and make it a necessity. CSW


“I’m thankful for the three ounce Ziploc bag, so that I have somewhere to put my savings.”

Paula Poundstone

The Ziploc makes it easily accessible in case of emergencies. CSW


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The Origin of a Legacy

DSN9158-2-LLast week I spent some time with cousins discussing our family tree. We’ve got quite a bit of material and it was fun to compare notes and talk of distant relatives and family history. After our discussion I began making a chart.

I placed a box at the top for my great-great-great-great-great grandparents. I placed some boxes below and put the names of their children and spouses in the boxes. Then on to another row of boxes. My paper was laid out landscape style and I was already out of room.

You may think this has to do with heritage or genealogies; perhaps some magnificent revelation or discovery. None of that happened. Truth is I already know too much about my family history. If you know my family you know what I mean.

But as I looked at the boxes that were all descending from the top one, I realized something I hadn’t planned on.

Bible verses are like that; they have offspring. Sometimes a verse leads me to another verse. Other times a verse leads me to a thought. Sometimes a verse leads me to paradoxical understandings within itself. A verse leads to a verse that leads to another and so on. A verse leads to a thought to another thought to another verse, and so on. A verse brings an understanding and then another look at the same verse brings a differing understanding, and so on.

I guess that is the power of inspiration. I wish I could trace the lineage of verses I know well, of the ones becoming familiar; and those yet to be discovered.

I also pray those verses will produce a legacy in me. May the Word of God be at the top of my lifestyle genealogy.

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Listening Quietly

DSN9118-2-MI was talking to a friend about communication skills.

Part of the discussion centered on listening skills. We discussed how to improve listening skills and how to train others on making such improvements. During the conversation it was mentioned how important it is to listen so that clarifications can be made and a proper response given.

We talked about how this was especially true for leaders. An excellent point was made concerning leadership and listening skills.

An important communication skill for leaders is to be able to listen effectively so as to know when not to make any response.

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A Little Foolishness

DSN9158-2-LPlease bear with me in a little foolishness, I just came across a phrase, and one similar to it, that made me think. Sorry. You’re familiar with the phrases and although they seem to mean the same thing, I’m not sure they do. Maybe you’ve noticed it before and, after reading, will really wonder about me.

The first is the phase, “nothing is impossible.” It’s biblical. I have usually understood it to mean that there is no thing that is impossible. But my new understanding is that nothing is impossible. In other words, and more exact, it is impossible for nothing to happen. Nothing is not a choice, something is going to happen.

Matthew and Luke both state that with God nothing will be impossible. I really like my new understanding. When God looks at an individual he believes that it is impossible for that person to do, or be, nothing. God has a plan.

The other phrase is, “All things are possible.” Matthew and Mark both use that phrase; indicating that all things are possible with God. That adds another dimension. It is impossible for nothing to happen, but add to that – God makes anything possible to happen.

Nothing is impossible, and all things are possible with God. A new reason for hope.

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