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Disoriented Joy

DSN9118-2-MI woke up and the first thing I saw was a digital clock. I thought, “Don’t be afraid, there’s a good reason why you’re where you are. It will come to you.”

I had opened my eyes after a restless night’s sleep but didn’t recognize my surroundings. It seemed like quite a while, but the experiences only lasted a few seconds.

Traveling a lot I’ve had this experience a few times. It isn’t really scary, but startling. The feeling is quickly gone and orientation comes quickly, but those first few moments…

I wonder how Jesus felt that morning when he awoke in a place he had no recollection of? He had been carried and placed there unknowingly, after all he was dead. Unconscious of the passage of time he wakes around sunrise in a little room of which he was not familiar. Then joy came.

If the Lord lingers, those of us in Christ will have a similar experience. I wonder how long between the times our eyes open and insurmountable joy begins?

Please know Jesus and have the best resurrection weekend possible.

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Longing for the Day

DSN9118-2-MThere’s a scene in the movie “Evan Almighty” where the lead character is shown a panorama of the subdivision he lives in, but just after it had been created. Beautiful hills and valleys are displayed in their original form with a scenic beauty far beyond the present crowded landscape of houses, streets and concrete.

I stopped by the cemetery where my brother, mother and father are all buried. Rolling hills, plenty of trees, green grass disturbed only by rows of varying types of granite markers. I tried to picture it without the markers; as it was before it had been designated as a burial site.

Then I realized that one day it won’t be a cemetery. Trying to visualize the scene before the markers were added made me think – imagining it without the markers was looking into the future. Someday the graves will be empty, the old will be replaced with new. 2nd Peter says all this will melt away and God will replace it with something new.

I wonder if in that Kingdom I will walk among this place, with some who are currently buried there, and we’ll discuss the victory achieved. The granite obelisks with names and dates will be replaced with smiling faces and songs of praise.

I can’t wait.

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Nicknamed By Jesus

DSN9118-2-MTwice this week I have heard someone mention Jesus’ family. Both times they mentioned the pressure that his younger siblings must have felt. Imagine having Jesus as an older brother…

But wait, I don’t really have to imagine. Since I have been adopted into his family, he is my older brother. I had one other older brother growing up and we didn’t always get along, but so far Jesus has been perfect. I have disappointed him regularly, I’m afraid, but he always sticks up for me and is on my side. A real advocate. Who could ask for more?


I also got to thinking about my biological brother when we were was kids. He had a lot of different nicknames for me, some were his own; others were given by the family or neighbors. Colonel, Tornado Tom, Red, Carrot Top, the menace; now that I give it a think the names he called me were not suitable for printing. That, or I just don’t want them to be known.


I wonder if Jesus has any nicknames for me, his little brother. The only one that comes to mind is “O ye of little faith.”


I need to do something about that.


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Small Hurt, Major Pain

DSN9118-2-MIt’s just a small bone, maybe not even a bone but bone growth from a long past injuring; a scar tissue type of thing. Whatever it is, it’s broke. Had what I thought was a bruise on the side of my foot for about a day and then one step and “POP”. Now I can’t put any weight on it and the Doc says 8 – 12 weeks for healing.

Like I said a very small bone, or bone chip on the outside and underside of my right foot. Considering the size of the rest of my body, how can something so small hurt so badly?

I need to pay more attention to people at Church who are hurting. And not the obvious hurts that are mentioned, but the pain in peripheral people who are hurting. Considering the size our church is becoming, I need to make sure I’m paying attention. I need to make sure to take care of every need before they become a major pain. (1 Corinthians 12: 26-27)

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Live Bread

DSN9118-2-MI met a friend at a local Bread Co. We visited for an hour or so and as I was leaving I purchased a loaf of honey wheat bread. I had it sliced in their wide slice machine and took it home. So far I’ve used it for French toast as well as regular toast and for a sandwich. It is really good; I have really enjoyed it.

In the Bible book of John, in the sixth chapter, Jesus refers to himself as the bread of life. He does so at least 5 times depending on the version you choose. I could certainly run analogies too far and into the ground. But one of the things I like about bread (and I love bread) is that it is versatile.

French toast, regular toast, sandwiches, with gravy, or butter; to push the last tiny bite of food left on the plate onto the fork… I was surprised at one point in my life that some people didn’t know that if you butter a piece of bread and the wrap it around a freshly steamed ear of corn, rotate it a little, you not only have a melted butter bread, but a perfectly buttered ear of corn.

Bread is great – it is so versatile. Jesus, is the bread of life. Whatever my need or situation; Jesus is versatile, he can handle me. I am grateful for bread; I’m eternally thankful for the bread of life.

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