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Finding Proverbial Treasure

DSN9164-2-MOn Sunday, July 12, 2015 Shirley and I visited the Arabia Steamboat Museum in Kansas City. This museum tells a fascinating story of a steamboat on the Missouri river that sank in 1856. The story of the family and a couple friends that went treasure hunting to find the buried ship and its 200 tons of cargo is truly amazing.

When Shirley and I left the museum and headed back to St. Louis we talked about the experience and how much we enjoyed and were in wonder of the story. We also talked how fortunate we were that one of the family members that did the excavation was present and we were able to talk at length, enjoying a personal visit with him. Thank you, David Hawley, for taking the time.

As Shirley began her short cut home (short cut is what we call taking a nap and letting the miles pass while you drift away) I continued to think about the phrases that were used throughout the tour; “treasure hunters” and “hidden treasure” and “buried treasure.”

I never considered myself a treasure hunter. Like most men it sounds fascinating and who wouldn’t want to undertake an exciting adventure with the prospect of finding treasure. Certainly I’ve taken risks in my life, but nothing like what we witnessed in the museum.

I glanced over at Shirley.

I was, I am a treasure hunter. 40 years to that day I undertook a life-long treasure hunt. I married the most fascinating person I had ever met. Since that day it has been the continual revelation of the hidden treasures that lie within this wonderful woman. Every experience reveals more value. The deeper we dig the more there is to find.

You might think that after 40 years the adventure would be growing old, but it always seems to be just beginning.

Proverbs 31 says that a woman like Shirley’s value exceeds precious jewels. She is a treasure beyond assessment.

Proverbs 18 says that when a man finds a good wife he finds a good thing and also gains God’s favor.

I am a treasure hunter and I’m excited to continue finding more treasure in Shirley. The adventure continues.

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If It Doesn’t Matter

DSN9158-2-LIn a recent conversation someone remarked, “Oh well, it doesn’t matter.”

Interesting phrase. I guess it is true, if something doesn’t matter then it really doesn’t make any difference. But it got me thinking.

There are a lot of things I know that I believe matter. But if it doesn’t make any difference, then maybe it doesn’t really matter.

So what do I know that really makes a difference? Paul says In 1 Corinthians 15 that the most important thing to know is that Jesus died, was buried, and resurrected. That’s really easy to know. It’s right there, history evolves around it. Some have denied it, not believed it, fought against it, theorized it away; but for me the Bible testifies to it which is more important than the fact that history itself recalls it.

So for some it doesn’t really matter. But for others it really matters and makes a difference in the way they live their lives.

I am glad to be associated with the others; Jesus died, was buried and resurrected. That matters and makes all the difference in the world. Really!

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Credit to the Source

DSN9118-2-MI gave a gift to a friend. I knew it was something they wanted, but couldn’t afford. It wasn’t big or very expensive and I was glad to be able to make the contribution. I did it anonymously so there wouldn’t be any refusing, or need for payback. It made me feel good.

A short time after the gift was given the person approached me and told me how thrilled they were with what they had received. They went on to tell me how they knew who had been so gracious to them. They described all the clues and their understanding of the situations and came to the conclusion of whom had given them the gift. Their conclusion was wrong. They gave someone else the credit for what I had done.

There have been times when I have looked at someone extremely gifted, with a tremendous amount of ability and talent; but they gave no glory or credit to God. In fact, at times they even deny the existence of the one who made them with such extreme abilities. It causes me to have questions.

My friend, to whom I had given a gift, didn’t recognize me as the giver of the gift. But that didn’t change the fact that I was the one. Even though another may have received credit, I was still the giver of the gift.

The fact that someone may deny their talent and abilities as coming from God, or even just ignore the fact, does not change that it is God who gives generously. Although a great musician, a gifted mechanic, a wonderful organizer, a beautiful dancer, a supreme entertainer, etc… may not give glory to God for their talent it in no way makes God less responsible.

When Bezalel and Oholiab were chosen as master craftsmen for the building of the tabernacle in Exodus 35, I wonder how many other talented people might have been available for the job. But there must have been a reason these two were filled with the Holy Spirit. Maybe they recognized the source of their abilities.

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A Daily Gift

DSN9118-2-MI sat as my desk, brought the computer back from sleeping and waited for a program to load. While sitting there I noticed, on the edge of my desk, some wrapping paper. It’s been resting there since Christmas.

My mind wandered and I clicked on the “pictures” tab and began looking at photos I had taken when the family was together for our Christmas celebration at the cabin.

One of the pictures caught my attention, and imagination. The morning we open gifts we set them all out and arrange them by whom they are intended for; each person has their own pile of gifts. After they’re arranged, before they are assaulted, I take a picture of the gifts waiting to meet their new owners.

As I looked at that picture, everything was neatly arranged, stacked almost in an artistic display. The scene is quiet except for the anticipation of the grand unveiling. All is ready, just waiting, waiting, waiting…

Every day God begins by setting, wrapped before us, an unlimited amount of presents; opportunities, experiences, relationships, feelings… The day is wrapped, new and fresh, bringing our anticipation of what will happen.

Another series of pictures shows each person unwrapping the gifts prepared for them. It’s fun looking back, but you know, not all the presents were winners. Some were just so-so and others brought a hidden response of, “What?” But each gift received is gratefully acknowledged and every one feels good about what was given and what was received. Hidden wonders remain hidden, love is experienced and even some tears of joy shed.

I too often move through my days mundanely. It’s just another day, I keep moving, going through the motions with little expectations; too little joy and too busy to notice.

“God, please help me to realize each new day as a neatly wrapped gift from you. May I enter with joyful anticipation and faithful expectations of your presence; and each opportunity and experience as your present. And at the close of the day, regardless of how well I have taken advantage of, or even noticed all the gifts you have given, Let my heart recount the day with praise, and adoration for letting me unwrap the gifts I found, and forgiven for what I overlooked. Please give me another chance and help me to do better.”

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Easier With My Father

DSN9118-2-MIt was a pretty easy assignment, build a screech owl nesting box. It was a project at my grandson’s cub scout meeting. The six pieces of wood and the screws for construction we’re provided; all we need to bring was a power screw driver.

Ben and I gathered the pieces and began construction. It was pretty simple, lay the pieces together and begin screwing the boards together. The problems was using the power drill was a little heavy for Ben to control by himself. The basic lesson was make sure the boards are aligned, put the screw in the pilot hole, and hold the drill straight with the screw, pull the trigger and apply pressure. This is easier for a grandpa to explain than for a grandson to manage.

So we would set up the pieces, getting everything ready, I would support the drill in the right position, and he would grab the handle and pull the trigger. After the first couple tries he caught on quickly and we completed the house with ease.
It was an amazing adventure. He did a little work, but he thought he was contributing much more than reality. It was my alignment, supporting the drill’s weight, and helping with the pressure; knowing when to signal him to pull and let off the trigger… But Ben helped and was so very proud. Once it was completed we hugged and he thanked me generously and started talking about other projects we could do together.

How unseen and how overwhelming the help of my Father’s hand every day. He aligns me; supports the weight I cannot, He knows how much pressure to apply, and motivates me. More than that he holds me and receives my thanks when I remember to give them.

Isaiah 49:15 – 16; so glad to be in the Father’s hands.

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