Taking Responsibility

Shirley and I were driving along and approached an intersection where all the traffic lights weren’t working. It was a two lane street overpass that connected to a major highway. The traffic had slowed and was basically operating as if the lights were flashing red; each person stopping and waiting their turn to make their turns or go straight.

Of course things were not moving as quickly as they would if the lights were working, but it was orderly and going rather well. As we approached our turn, a couple of cars still in front of us, a small red sedan came from somewhere behind us and passed several cars, ours included, came into the turn left turn lane; went straight through the intersection  back into our lane and went straight ahead. They did the same thing at the next part of the intersection. I am sure a lot of people were furious. I tried to excuse the behavior wondering if there was some sort of emergency.

Perhaps there was an emergency. A couple working street lights later I pulled up alongside the red sedan at a red light. I looked over to see if there was any nervousness or anxiousness or any sign that the person was in distress or hurrying to an emergency. The man appeared to be calm, singing along with the radio, nodding his head in beat and tapping his fingers on the steering wheel. There may have been an emergency, but it didn’t appear so.

It seems there are two ways to approach responsibility. In the Bible there are situations around an event in which two people react very differently. Pilate when confronted with the responsibility of justice, fairness, mercy; took a basin of water and washed his hands of any responsibility.

Jesus, when confronted by the foolishness of his disciples; and their selfishness and lack of insight; carefully undresses, takes a towel, a basin of water and teaches them (and me) an important lesson.

Responsibility? It isn’t about washing our hands, but about washing others’ feet.

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