Team Observation

DSN9158-2-LI was out with a large group of friends, eating at a local grill. I’ve eaten there many times, but this was the largest group I’ve been with. My wife and I arrived later than the rest of the group. All the others had already ordered but since we were familiar with the menu we were able to order quickly after arriving.

I noticed something I hadn’t before, at that restaurant or any other. Every server that passed by us asked if we needed anything. Usually, even with a large group, there is one primary server. Others may help, but there is one that is in charge of that table. But I was unable to discern any hierarchy.

As I observed this scene it was clear that they were all working together, and each had other tables to serve. There were no lines drawn, or territory being protected, they gave us the best service possible. It was great to see and hear them helping us; but also focusing on helping each other. They interacted in a concerned matter making sure that our needs and their actions were communicated so that we were taken care of but there no overlap in the service.

This type of service had to be premeditated. Someone must have made the decision that with large groups this is how they are to be handled. The amazing thing is that it was so good that it went unnoticed by the rest of our group. The service was impeccable and seamless. The only other notice was when the check came and a couple of us talked about it. The tip left was unusually large. We didn’t feel it fair that they split a normal sized tip, so we tipped more largely so as to make sure each recognized that we recognized their combined efforts.

Great leadership promotes and fosters great team work. I hope their team learned as much as the people they served.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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