Tears to Joy

DSN9118-2-MIt made me cry. I have a coffee cup that my grand-daughter Hannah made me for my birthday 2 years ago. It’s has red, green and blue vertical stripes and says ”Pop” in big black letters. I was talking with my daughter about a week ago and told her that this cup is one of my absolute favorite things. Today reaching for a cup I picked up one and then saw Hannah’s gift. I set one down and picked up my favorite. As I headed for the coffee pot I dropped it. I couldn’t believe it; I just stared and started to cry. I had lost something so meaningful; I had dropped it and broke it.

I had reached for another cup, why did I change cups? I would not have minded dropping the first one. It was a cup with some special meaning, but I would certainly have rather lost it than the one Hannah had made me. How frustrating, how could I be so careless with something so valuable to me?

So here is the plan… I am going to make an appointment with Hannah; and with Ben and Sarah. We’ll go to ‘the Painted Zebra’ shop and have them each make me a new coffee mug. Hannah is 8, Ben is 5 and Sarah is 1. It should be an adventure. I am getting excited about the plan. Now I’ll have three keepsakes instead of just the one.

In Genesis Joseph goes through a lot of trouble but in the end he realizes, by faith, that what may be intended for bad God uses for good. In the New Testament book of Ephesians, Paul writes concerning our adversary that we should be able to stand against his schemes; and in Romans he says that all things work together for good to those who love the Lord…

I cried over my loss, but in a simple way God taught me a great lesson that applies on a much larger scale. We never lose an object, but rather we gain an experience (and perhaps learn a lesson). The memory of Hannah’s original gift will never be forgotten. No one or thing, or enemy, can destroy that. But the experience has caused me to add an adventure with the grand-children that will become dearer to me than the mugs they make.

I regret and am sorry I broke the coffee mug; but I am grateful God healed my heart.

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