Terrorist Love

DSN9118-2-MAlmost two weeks ago bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon. A week ago one of those responsible was killed and another taken into custody. I have heard the outcry against these two young me and what they represent. It makes me very, very sad.

It is obvious that someone talked to them about Islam. In fact, someone went beyond that and influenced them into some radical form of hatred. As I read and pray and weep, I wonder…

The language thrown about is that radical Islam leads to hatred and heinous crimes against humanity. I don’t know if that is the truth or not. But what I understand from reading my Bible is that radical Christianity is the unwavering display of love in every situation. Christians attacked should be the exact opposite of hate groups that retaliate with more hatred. As Christians our radical nature should be to love. And the worse the crime the deeper our love; the greater the offense the greater our compassion.

Christians crying out for justice? Are we not the very ones who praise the Lord for forgiveness and speak of receiving mercy? Aren’t we taught that to receive mercy we must extend mercy; to be forgiven, forgive?

We show pictures of the terrorist standing alongside the child who became a victim of his crime and we are mad, instead of sad. In the next instant we look upon our Savior hanging on a cross for us and speak of love. We see the terrorist and his victim and we hate; I wonder what Jesus felt looking down from the cross and seeing each of us that put him there. Actually, there is evidence of what he felt, and it is to be my paradigm.

Someone talked to the two young men about Islam. I wonder if anyone (of us) talked to them about Jesus. As sad as radical hate groups are that take pinch of religion and exaggerate it into something deadly, much more sad is Christianity that is comfortable with retaliation and cries for justice.

If it is true (and I am not saying it is – I don’t know) that radical Islam leads to terrorism, why is it that Christianity has become so cold as to not love as Jesus loved?

Lord protect me from becoming comfortable with human understanding and wisdom. Give me wisdom from above to forgive as I have been forgiven; to be compassionate as I have received compassion; to love as I have been loved; to offer hope as I have received hope; to speak, as I have been spoken to…

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