The Doing of the Thing

DSN9118-2-MI had received disappointing news. I was frustrated, defeated and felt pretty hopeless.

I began to pray, always starting with praise and thanksgiving. And this time perhaps a little too much; compensating for the lack of feeling it. “Bless you, Lord, bless your name. I glorify and lift up your name. You’re holy and your name is to be revered…”

All of a sudden an image came to my mind. A cartoonish figure in a traffic policeman’s uniform; a whistle in his mouth and his white gloved raised with open palm placed squarely in front of my face…. The instruction was clear – STOP!

I have often wondered what the words mean. “I bless your name… I lift your name on high… even the simple “Praise the Lord.” I’m afraid they are just that – words, rather than the indication of a lifestyle. Everyone admits that it’s much easier to say something than to do something. Too often we say things but our actions contradict the words.

It isn’t the words I say, it’s the life I live. It’s great to say, “Bless you, Lord, bless your name.” But the imperative is to live it. I can sing, “I glorify and lift up your name.” But it really doesn’t mean much if it isn’t the daily revelation of my life. I can pray, “You’re holy and your name is to be revered.” But it’s the display and the living the words daily that reveals the truth.

I’m poignantly reminded of the words from a Bob Bennett song, ‘The Doing of the Thing’… We mistake the very words we say and the songs we love to sing for the doing of the thing. The doing of the thing.

The Bible says faith without works is dead. Perhaps ‘faith without words’ puts the emphasis on demonstration.

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Written by Craig Wagganer

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