The Dr. Seuss Conviction

DSN9118-2-MI tend to be deliberate in decision making. When faced with important choices I slow down and try to weigh everything. Sometimes I’m accused of being afraid, too cautious, or being overly concerned with tangent considerations; but I am really anxious about doing the right thing. And I wonder if God sometimes thinks that’s comical.

One of the funniest verses in the Bible happens among the tragic events of Israel’s exodus from Egypt. It plays out like a Dr. Seuss story. The second plague is upon Egypt and frogs are absolutely everywhere. Pharaoh can’t take it any longer and says to Moses, “Look over here and over there, the frogs, the frogs, are everywhere. I open my eyes and look to see and there’s a million frogs in front of me. Frogs in the yard and frogs in the street; squishy frogs beneath my feet. They’re in my bed and all over the house, so much so I can’t find my spouse. Help me, Moses, I can’t take any more, these frogs have shaken me down to my core. The pain, the grief and the tremendous sorrow, get rid of these frogs!!! But you can wait till tomorrow.” (Exodus 8:8 – 10; MOV – [My Own Version])

Really? The plague has settled in and frogs are everywhere. Pharaoh can’t take it and pleads with Moses to call of the curse. Moses asks (what I think is a silly question), “When do you want the plague to end?” and Pharaoh’s response is, “Tomorrow.” Really Pharaoh, tomorrow? Why not right now!

I read the story and wonder – if my conversations with God were recorded, might God add a laugh track to help convict me. Thinking back, sometimes I hear it.

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